Thursday, 13 June 2013

Baribote says clubs yet to receive LMC money

Victor Baribote, the proprietor of Nembe City of Bayelsa, on Wednesday said that all the clubs in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) were yet to receive money from the body.
Baribote, who led his team to Akure to honour their mid-week encounter against Sunshine Stars of Akure in the NPFL, said that the League Management Committee (LMC) under the NPFL was yet to release any money to all the 20 clubs in the league.
According to him, the first phase of the league was to be rounded-up without any amount being given to the various clubs in the league.
He claimed that he was unlawfully ``overthrown’’ from the defunct Nigeria Premier League (NPL) because it was said that he could not get money for the clubs in the league.
It could be recalled that the defunct NPL board now NPFL chaired by Baribote was voted out of office in Abuja in December 2012.
“They (the Nigeria Football Federation), said we could not get money for clubs, but those who thought they could turn things around have not made any progress since.
“Heartland could not honour a match and they were representing the country, what are we saying?
“I called the minister three or four days ago that you dissolved my board because we could not get money for the clubs, but this is the end of the first round and we have not received a dime,” he said.
Baribote, who praised his club’s performance so far in the league, attributed it to the club’s good management and good interaction with the players.
“Football is all about organization which is what I have been stressing.
“Interaction with the players also helps; football has something to do with the mind, sometimes I come to the pitch to see them train,” he said

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